Marketplace Users
Reach new customers and develop new business partnerships. Offer quotes for your products that complement the Digital Realty ecosystem.
Complete your customer profile and send in your building list to be matched by 40,000+ Digital Realty connections.
Market your business to the Digital Realty ecosystem through product placement, events, and discussions.
Operational Users
The MarketplacePORTAL enables Digital Realty customers to maintain who has access into the Digital Realty facilities, including one time visits by contractors or full time employees.
Digital Realty offers a 24 hour turn around on cross connect orders placed through MarketplacePORTAL, accompanied by order completion alerts.
The MarketplacePORTAL offers order and support history, detailed facility inventory, invoices and facility access history.
This site has a lot going on inside! Let us know your main purpose for requesting site access and we'll get you to the right place!
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*Please keep in mind that new storefronts require approval before login credentials can be granted.
*Please keep in mind that your company's designated list administrator may have to confirm access.
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